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Simple remote backup probe

28 February 2022

For offsite backups of my home-server, I’ve created a small probe based on a single-board computer

Upgrade of my Artillery Genius Heat Bed

03 December 2021   3D-Printing

I’ve upgraded the heat bed of my Artillery Genius with a metal one and checked if the temperature is distributed more evenly.

Rust on STM32: Getting started

22 July 2020   Electronics , Embedded-Rust , Programming

Getting started with embedded Rust. Blinking LED on Bluepill. (Thumbnail: Rust Embedded WG - CC-BY)

Rust on STM32: Blinking an LED

06 February 2019   Electronics , Embedded-Rust , Programming

Using Rust to blink a LED on a STM32F103 aka “BluePill” on Linux Mint/Ubuntu

Gallery Safety Barrier

15 November 2018   Woodwork

Building a safety barrier for the gallery in a friends student apartment

Laundry Basket

03 October 2018   Woodwork

Building an oak wood laundry basket at my student room

First Hello World Post

12 August 2018   Blog , Programming

This is the first post and it has to start with an hello world example